Road transport - logistics activity - spedition

Road transport along with other logistics activities has an irreplaceable place in our company. Our effort is speed, reliability and flexibility. We have a wide customer base / in various industry and service sectors / as well as carriers with a wide range of shipping options.


 The offer of our transportations:

  • complete shipments TO and FROM the various countries of the EU
  • transport of smaller goods vehicles
  • transport of dangerous goods according to the ADR agreement
  • intermodal transport 20´ DV / 20´ DC, 40´ DC / 40´ DV, 40´ HC / 40´ HV, 45´ HC / 45´ HV

 Additional services:

  • quality and information service
  • advice and promotional activity
  • carrier liability insurance under the CMR international agreement for individual shipments
  • the insurance of transported goods against all risks

 Why choose our services:

1. Speed

The possibilities of transporting the goods, the time of delivery and the price offer will be prepared within 15 minutes.

2. Individual approach

We know all the rules for trading within the EU. We provide our clients with a complete logistics service, we strive to be in close contact with clients as well as transport companies, so that our business relationships are professional, so of course we save their time and get acquainted with the needs of our customers.

As far as the language barrier is concerned, we communicate in German, Czech, Polish and Hungarian, and the shift workers are available "NON-STOP" regardless of working hours.


When looking at our offer, your options can only grow, we will get rid of stressful situations, and in a few minutes we will address a large number of reliable and reviewed customers, carriers, shipping companies, regardless of destination and quantity of goods.


4.1 Our customers and carriers across the EU were selected and in our system we have left only the highest quality / speed, flexibility, honesty.

4.2 It is possible to get report from us about the course of the driver's transport / performance, stopping the vehicle for loading and unloading, etc., if it is needed just write request on our e-mail address: spedicia@truckcentrum.sk.

4.3 We place great emphasis on safety and on the continuous "running" of the transport as well as on the technical state of the vehicles (we prefer EURO5, EURO5 EEV, EURO6), for ADR transfers the driver's professional competence, etc., we have exact and strict criteria that we send to our transporters prior to the carriage to avoid unnecessary problems and thus avoid unnecessary inconvenience to our company.


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